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About the SWAG Dictionary

The SWAG Dictionary is a rich interconnected vocabulary of terms for the Semantic Web that can be referred to by humans (in XHTML form), SW "bots" (in RDFS format), and eventually SW browsers (in RDF form).

We hope to not only provide information on defined schemas like basic RDF, RDFS and DAML terms; the popular vocabularies like DC and FOAF; but also to provide an infrastructure for sharing completely new terms as they arise.


The main purpose of the SWAG Dictionary is threefold:-

  1. Provide rich semantic information on current SW terms

    We basically take URIs and talk about them. This helps people who want to know:

    a) what a certain URI means
    b) which URI to use
  2. Create interconnections between these terms

    For this we add value by saying which terms are equal, which are similar, which are opposite, etc.

  3. Provide a home for new terms

    Here's where it starts getting creative. New vocabularies which need a home can join with us and use our namespace. We can also form our own vocabularies as needed. Since we're sharing infrastructure, things get easier.

It is our hope that this project will be a major step in actually creating the Semantic Web, by providing a vocubulary to use with our well established grammar (RDF). Our terms can be used in both XML RDF, and Notation3 RDF.

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